MS4205ex DDR2/DDR3 Memory Test System

Hardware Highlights

Data Rate 832 Mbps
Clock Rate 416 MHz
Bitmapping 1 to 32 Gb
Address Rate 208 MHz
Address Width 32 bits
Precision Clocks 4
Logic Control Pins 32

The MS4205ex is an integrated test and analysis system that provides the timing, accuracy, complex pattern sequence generation, data collection and analysis capability required by today's high performance DDR2/DDR3 DRAM designs and the flexibility to meet tomorrow's testing challenges.

The key to improving engineering productivity is our industry acclaimed TCS software interface- that allows our users to focus on the device under test instead of wrestling with the tester.

Tester Control Software (TCS) is based on over 20 years of experience in providing engineers with memory tester software optimized to address the real needs of engineering applications. TCS provides interactive control through an easy to learn and easy to use graphical interface. Test conditions, test flow, multi-parameter analysis tests and more are all instantly changeable. But there are no limits – TCS will also seamlessly integrate your user written custom code needed to meet unique testing requirements.

Modern memories require specific sequences of commands, addresses and data to be operated or tested. That need is answered with our patented Graphical Sequence Editor (GSE) for creating and editing test sequences. With TCS and GSE combined, there is no more efficient and effective tool for creating, modifying and maintaining complex engineering tests and test programs for semiconductor memories.

One of the most powerful tools in identifying and diagnosing weaknesses in a memory device is bitmapping. Our bit-map capture system runs at full tester speed, capturing 1's errors, 0's errors, all errors or a combination of those. With a 32 Gb capacity, the largest memory devices around can be handled with ease. And again, the real key is software. Our bitmap display and analysis software provides rapid navigation, comprehensive analysis and easy export of bit-map data.

The MS4205ex is CE and SEMI S2 compliant and packaged in a laboratory-sized cabinet with a compact, lightweight remote test head. A small-footprint, self-contained, portable liquid chiller unit cools the pin cards in the cabinet. The MS4205ex remote test head provides the pin driver and receiver interface to the device under test with 32 Address, 36 Data I/O pins, 4 precision clock pins (4 single-ended or 2 differential clocks) and 32 Logic Control pins.