Customer Training Courses

Course Title:

MS3400 Advanced

Tester(s): MS3400 Series
Course Number:  T34-A1
Prerequisite:  MS3400 Basic (T34-B1)
Published: 9 February 1999
  • This is the advanced level formal factory training course.
  • Its duration is 40 hours spread over 5 days, including 20 hrs. of hands-on exercise.
  • Key topics are: User Exits, User Patterns Sequence Libraries and User Vector Tables.
  • MS3400 Basic User course is a prerequisite.
  • Working knowledge of "C" programming language required.

Module 1: Visual 'C' Environment
Directory structures
The visual "C++" environment
Executables and libraries
Installation of the visual "C++" compiler and development tools

Module 2: User Exits
Hardware concepts
User Exits concepts & hierarchy
User Exits programming functions
Build process for User Exits using the software development tools (debug)

Module 3 Part 1: User Pattern Sequences
The pattern generator architecture
The standard patterns description
Creating a User Pattern library
Pattern Debug (Datascope, PDB)
Introduction to high level functions
Accessing single cells

Module 3 Part 2: User Pattern Sequences
Action Functions
Introduction to LOW level functions
Defining individual microcode words
Scanning techniques

Module 4: Using Generated Vector Sequences
Hardware concepts
Software concepts
Building a vector list
Vector functions

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