Customer Training Courses

Course Title:

MS3400 Basic

Tester(s): MS3400 Series
Course Number:  T34-B1
Published: 16 February 1999
  • This course is designed as a first level introduction to the MS3400 Series Test Systems.
  • Its duration is 40 hours spread over 5 days, including 16 hrs. of hands-on exercise.
  • This is a follow-up course to the "Introduction to Testing Tutorial", which must be completed prior to attending "MS3400 Basic".

Module 1: Introduction of Group Window
Review: MS3400 test philosophy
System Configuration files (for a device).
Concept of Group Windows-POWER
Creating a D.C. Parametric Test-PMU
User exercises

Module 2: Creating a Functional Test-TIMING FORMAT
Creating a Functional-Parametric Test-PATTERN-OUTPUT
User exercises

Module 3: Detailed View of Signal Formats
Creating Device Scramble Tables-SCRAMBLE
Observing Test Results-FCR
User exercise

Module 4: Detailed View of the Timing System
Creating Device Display Scramble
User exercises
Results Management Database
Capture / Source system
CSC Group Window
BCV Bitmap Viewer

Module 5: Using Analysis Tests-ANALYSIS AXIS PLOT
Calibration & Diagnostics
User exercises
Summary of training course

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