Customer Training Courses

Course Title:

MS4100 User Course Part 1

Tester(s): MS4100 Series
Course Number:  T41N-B1
Published: 26 May 1999
  • " This is the first of a two-part training course designed to train new users on the MS4100 Series Tester.
  • " Course duration is 40 hours spread over 5 days, including 18 hrs. of hands-on exercise.
  • " Part I is the first-level formal factory training course. It is centered around the SRAM standard test program and introduces new users to the Test Control Software (TCS) application.

Module 1: System Overview / 4105 Config. Files
4100 Architecture
TCS overview
SQLA Database engine
Configuration Files
Device Configuration File
Tester Configuration File
Resource Names File

Module 2: Parametric Tests
Data Based Testing
TCS User Interface
Building a Test: SRAM
DC Parametric
PWR, MTX, PMU Windows

Module 3: Functional Tests
Pattern Group Window
Timing Group Window
Timeset Group Window
Output Group Window
Functional Parametric tests

Module 4: Viewing Test Results
Scramble Group Window
Format Group Window
Datascope Window
CSC Group Window
CSM/CLM hardware
CSC Window
Fast Bitmap viewer

Module 5: Analysis Tests
Display Scramble Window
Analysis Tests
Analysis Test Definition Window
Axis Group Window
Plot Group Window
Calibration & Diagnostics

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