Customer Training Courses

Course Title:

MS4100 User Course Part 2

Tester(s): MS4100 Series
Course Number:  T41N-A1
Prerequisite:  MS4100 Part 1 (T41N-B1)
Published: 26 May 1999
  • This is second part of a two-part training course designed to train new users on the MS4100 Series Tester.
  • Course duration is 40 hours spread over 5 days, including 20 hrs. of hands-on exercise.
  • Key topics are: User Defined Pattern Sequences, User Exits and User Vector Tables.
  • MS4100 User course, NT platform Part I must be completed prior to attending.
  • Working knowledge of "C" programming language required.

Module 6: Introduction to SDRAMS
Test Philosophy
Direct Control Pins

Module 7: The Standard Test Plan
DUT pins
Power Up/Down
Parametric Tests
FUnctional Tests
Logic Tests

Module 8: Definition of a Pattern
Pattern window
Multiple Sequences
Graphical Sequence Editor
Pattern Debugger (PDB)

Module 9: User Pattern Sequences
Scan Techniques
Nested sequences & Multiple loops
Timing system
System restrictions
Algo v/s Vectors
Writing vector lists

Module 10: Visual C++ 6 environment
Directory structures
The visual "C++" environment
Executables and libraries
Installation of the visual "C++"
Build process for User Exits

Module 11: User Exits
User Exits concepts & hierarchy
User Exit Template files
User Exits programming functions
Include files

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