Customer Training Courses

Course Title:

MS4200 maintenance Course

Tester(s): MS4200 Series
Course Number:  T42-M1
Published: 2 May 2002
  • This is the hardware training course designed to train on-site technicians on the maintenance of the MS4200 Series Tester.

  • Includes 40 hours over 5 days of lecture and laboratory sessions (26 hours of hands-on exercise).

  • Topics include an overview of the Tester Control Software, MS4200 System Hardware Overview, System Installation, Board Replacement Procedures, Basic Maintenance Procedures, (Calibration, Diagnostics and Standard Device Test Programs), Advanced System Verification Procedures (System Diagnostic Test Programs), Methods of Troubleshooting, Identification of Faulty Boards and Power Supply Replacement Procedures.

  • " Working knowledge of Test Control Software (TCS) application is required prior to attending. At a minimum, attendee must read through the "Six Quickstart Steps" pre course manual and complete the detailed steps on a tester.

Day 1:
Software architecture
Test Definition database, Datasets, Parameter Groups
TCS operation, datasource and database

Day 2:
System Hardware Overview
System Installation Procedure
Basic Maintenance Procedure

Day 3:
ESD Review
System Verification Procedure
RTH Board Replacement Procedure
Lytron Chiller basic overview and Maintenance issues

Day 4:
Calibration Overview
System Failure diagnoses

Day 5:
Power Supply Replacement Procedure
Troubleshooting & Identification of Faulty board

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